Wild for Rehab supports Ontario’s Wildlife and Wildlife Rehabilitators.

Wild for Rehab brings awareness to, fundraises for, and supports Ontario’s Wildlife Rehabilitators.  We work with organizations and individuals to support our Wildlife populations.

Wild for Rehab

Join us on November 2, 2024 for the inaugural Wild for Rehab Gala overlooking the beautiful Lake Rosseau at the JW Marriott in Muskoka.  Emmy-Award winning wildlife Cinematographer, Andrew Manske, will showcase his work and discuss how we can reduce the impact of collisions on both humans and wildlife.

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Posted on Apr 3

Red Fox given Second Chance at a Wild Life

Found injured and alone, Tavi the fox was given a second chance when he was brought into Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary.
Posted on Dec 8

6 Tips for Winter Bird Feeding

Enjoy winter bird feeding and help bird populations sustain themselves through the winter with these 6 Tips for Winter Bird Feeding
Posted on Oct 22

What are Wildlife Rehabbers?

In Ontario, there are over 70 organizations run by authorized Wildlife Custodians.  Here we discuss how these Rehabbers work to save Ontario's injured animals.